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Prathama Nada, meaning 'the original emanation,' is a space for awakening to and wholly embodying the vibration of Self (and Love) via sound, body and intuition. 

Dhrupad Music

[Nada Yoga]

prathama nada: the original emanation

abide in Self with:

Pranayama & Asana 

[Kriya Yoga]

nada yoga: dhrupad music
kriya yoga: breath . movement . meditation

Intuitive Guidance

[Raja Yoga]


[Kriya Yoga]

Through the sacred sound of Dhrupad music (Nada Yoga), meditation, breath and movement (Kriya Yoga) and channeling higher intuition (Raja Yoga), one is in Union (Yoga) with the One-Self. One connects the pure consciousness of one's core being with/in its body instrument, allowing access to full creative potential in all aspects of life experience. 

As Dhruva (North Star/Polaris) plus Pada (way/verse), at its essence, Dhrupad means the alignment in Self translated in living form. As such, the singing of (the basics of) Dhrupad music, sits at the core of the offerings and practice. Dhrupad is Yoga in sound - the audible aspect of vibration of Self - and so, also called Nada Yoga. Complementing this, Vipassana meditation for expanding awareness, and the yogic practices of Pranayama (breathing) and Asana (postures) for breath and body alignment comprise Kriya Yoga, the yoga of bodily knowing. Intuitive guidance sessions access higher, subtle knowing in Self, and its limitless creative power for achieving full potential in all aspects of life. This is the direct "path" -- Raja Yoga -- direct  with the real-ization with the power to create all life experience.

nada yoga
kriya yoga
raja yoga

Currently sessions are done in person or via skype / facetime. Please contact us for any personal queries.

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