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about the founder / facilitator

Shahana Dattagupta
as seer and life guide

"Sivoham Sivoham. I am Siva, absolute, nondual, unobjectified Consciousness."


Shahana serves as principal facilitator at Prathama Nada. A spontaneous death of mind/separation sparked in 2004, and thereafter continually culminates in abiding Self realization. As a master of direct seeing not associated with any tradition, lineage or practice, Shahana is a reflection of 'Satguru' for many around the world. (Although nondual/advaita seeing is a useful descriptor for her essential guidance, the seed essence of scripture from all traditions spontaneously reveals to her.) All her natural gifts - healing, music, writing, speaking, theater - are simply avenues to facilitate the abiding of human be-ing in awakened Consciousness.


Along with her two beloved felines, Shahana lives and works in the Seattle area as a Life guide, Dhrupad music guide, artist, and author/speaker. In earlier life she trained in architecture and design thinking, and had a decade-long corporate career with a leadership role at a global design firm, in which too, her expertise was in supporting the human potential via design.

In abiding non-separation, unconditional Love is the premise of being. This opens up the limitless creative power of pure, nondual Consciousness, and one can consciously see into existence, all aspects of life experience. Shahana's gift in facilitating such access awakens and aligns her mentees in Self, and results in a profound shift from a circumstantial life of resistance to a consciously creative and harmonious one. (Many must pass through everything previously known breaking down as this breakthrough occurs.) Shahana works with various modalities, both in 1:1 sessions as well as in groups organized around any shared enterprise, be it education, art, social-change or entrepreneurship... always with and as Consciousness at the heart of all matter! Shahana's clients work and live in a gamut of 'fields' - the tech industry, academia, business, performing arts, government, social change and healing. She has also assisted entrepreneurial ventures in envisioning, articulating and executing their creative purpose. 

as music facilitator

Shahana's sharing of music is presently less about teaching a craft and more about facilitating the awakening the original 'voice' and musical vibrations in every human being, for alignment in Self. Her understanding is that Raga is a natural harmonic of Nature and Dhrupad practice is the perfect way for naturally attuning the human body's vibrations. She is often able to 'transmit' what's remembered in her, and even very young children become quickly attuned. This approach notwithstanding, Shahana does have formal training in the basics of Indian classical music. Beginning with Carnatic vocal at age 3, she transitioned to Hindustani at 7, and trained until a college and university education in architecture took over. Later in the U.S. she was blessed to be associated for many years with the Pandit Jasraj Institute of Music, learning with Pandita Tripti Mukherjee, and also receiving guidance from Pandit Jasraj. By 2015, a sustained abiding in Self beckoned a shift in direction toward purely meditative sound and whole-body alignment, and 2017 saw her beginning all over again in Dhrupad music, with the Gundecha Brothers, and since 2019 with their senior disciple Smt Amita Sinha Mahapatra. Shahana has been facilitating students in the Seattle area since 2008, and in 2015-16, created and performed her first collection of compositions on 11 poems of the Saint Kabir.

as writer and artist

Among Shahana’s published works are Limestone DiaryChickadee and the CatYou Are Michelangelo...And You Are David!Thrive! Falling in Love with LifeTen Avatars and an international-prize-winning essay, Touching a Single Life. Listen to an interview with Shahana on her book You Are Michelangelo...And You Are David!', featured on GOOD BOOKS RADIO, by Dr. John Cook. With Shirin Subhani, Shahana has also been co-editor / publisher of the magazine Courageous Creativity. Presently she writes on social media as well as in a blog titled Reflections and Revelations. As an artist, she has exhibited her visual art (which has also found other homes!), guided socially-motivated stage and theater projects, and also has to her credit, built architectural projects.





Currently sessions are done in person or via zoom / facetime. Please contact us for any personal queries.

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