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dhrupad vocal sessions


4 x 60-90 minute lessons a month plus organized group singing sessions.


Monthly Dakshina is by volition of each student.  Dakshina is an inspired investment in the sacred space we are creating together, rather than payment for a service. Read more about Dakshina HERE.

intuitive guidance sessions


90 minute 1:1 Session  - 111 $

6 x 90 minute 1:1 sessions over 12 weeks  - 555 $

Group sessions in home/studio spaces - $22/person with a minimum 20 people

Organizational sessions - $55/person with minimum of 20 people

To schedule, please fill in the CONTACT form, and once a date is confirmed, you may convey payment through the schedule button below.

vipassana meditation


Two group sittings a month. 


Dakshina is by volition of participant to support space

pranayama / asana practice


Taught before meditation sittings as separate or combined session.


Dakshina is by volition of participant

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