SHIBIR 2018 LOCATION: The chateau in Chimacum, WA, nestled in 20 acres of private greens

Registration for our 2019 Shibir, with seats for a total of 17 participants, will open in December 2018! Please contact us with the subject DHRUPAD SHIBIR 2019 with your interest in advance should you wish. All genres and levels of Indian classical vocalists are welcome. The only self- evaluated requirement is the capacity and commitment to sustain total focus for the full week in residence. Tuition is $1111 with a 5% discount ($1055) for registering with full payment by Feb 11, 2019.  Registration closes April 8, 2019.

shibir: annual immersive practice event

Each year we organize a Shibir - an immersive practice experience - with Master Teachers.


After a very successful Dhrupad Shibir in May 2018, our 2019 Shibir is focused again on Dhrupad music. There will be a 7-day immersive, residential retreat, May 5-13th, with the esteemed Gundecha Brothers in collaboration with Dhrupad Music Institute of America (DMIA), as the practice component of their annual festival Dhrupad Days. The Shibir will enroll a focused group of 17 participants, and be held in a serene natural setting of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. In the ancient tradition of the gurukul, we will co-habitate with our gurus for the full week and commune in a sadhana of Dhrupad. 


For details on all aspects of the program, please click HERE.




satsang: community sittings

Every 4-6 weeks, we get together in the entire group to practice dhrupad music, sometimes accompanied with vipassana, asana and pranayama.  Visitors invited by Prathama Nada members are welcome to attend as an initiation into our practice, and offer a Dakshina for their participation.

mehak: annual sharing of our practice

Once a year, we share the fruits of our practice with a public or invited audience. This allows for our expansion and for a beautiful interaction and exchange with a community of the heart.

MEHAK 2016: Main To Tere Paas Mein, 11 Kabir poems composed into music via Shahana Dattagupta

Currently sessions are done in person or via skype / facetime. Please contact us for any personal queries.

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