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I see and draw to me, through Divine Love, those beings who are drawn to awakening, expansion and enlightenment. The mutual sharing elevates us both, Now.

1:1 sessions are available in-person or over Skype or Facetime

Group sessions in residential / studio spaces are available for a minimum 20 people in attendance

Organizational sessions are available for a minimum of 20 people in attendance

To schedule, please visit the page on Dakshina

intuitive guidance

Intuitive guidance sessions with Shahana invoke the essential, dis-identified, total Self and allow Love to shine forth, awakening the Teacher-Healer-Creator within. You lead the exploration with "real" life situations. Accessing powerful intuition and functioning as an unconditioned mirror, Shahana facilitates the seeing, embracing, releasing and dissolving of those narratives and patterns that act as resistance, thereby naturally allowing an expansion into Self that already always holds the key to all Creativity.* The foundation of all play in our shared presence is to find a consistent alignment in Self, always in the Now, and also tap into the unique essence and expression of You. And thereby, allow a spontaneous unfolding of manifest life aspects  - doing without doing - rather than manipulating life situations through effortful, material-world actions.

* By Creativity is meant the limitless power each naturally possesses, as (reflections of) Source. The ease-ful and conscious channeling of this infinite power automatically reflects in all aspects of life. Action arises spontaneously in the stillness of being, such that there is no separate 'doing.' And the felt experience is sustained well-being and joy, always in the Now, even while wholly acknowledging any arising and passing pain, as this essential being is free of apparent condition or circumstance. And one is automatically in service without contrivance -- one serving as a creative channel for agenda-less, universal order simply by living one's total potential. (Traditional creativity in the arts is only a tiny aspect of this much larger capacity.)

Whether Shahana is facilitating in-person, on-phone, in sessions over Skype or in live group settings, or present in silence, she is always emanating a powerful metta (loving-kindness energy). So, in addition to seeing anew, most experience a powerful expansion of the heart in or immediately after these sessions – lightness, joy, peace and Love, and some recognize this as the principal experience of sharing presence with her.

Currently sessions are done in person or via skype / facetime. Please contact us for any personal queries.

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