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photo: Vikas Garg


Dhrupad Music / Nada Yoga 

1:1 and group sessions in Dhrupad Music as learned from the Master teachers and practitioners, Gundecha Brothers, in their tradition of Dagar Bani. More here.


Vipassana Meditation 

An open space for sitting meditation in Vipassana as guided by Sri S.N. Goenka. (You need to have taken a 10-day course at a Goenka Vipassana Center.) More here.

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Transcending the ego-mind to connect with the pure, divine Self and its power to create all aspects of life. More here.


Pranayama and Asana 

Yogic breathing and asana for alignment in breath and body. More here.


Currently sessions are done in person or via skype / facetime. Please contact us for any personal queries.

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