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Vipassana is to see things as they are, a way of self-transformation through self-observation, and is Gautama Buddha's original guidance. As instructed by the S.N. Goenka centers all over the world, Vipassana is a non-sectarian, simple and systematic technique for observing the breath and body sensations to realize the impermanent (anicca) and impersonal (anatya) nature of all perceived phenomena, such that what s realized "beyond" is the eternal and universal Self. 

This is the only form of meditation that does not introduce any devices (chants or mantras) or visualizations or alterations to breath or body (kriya). It relies on pure observation and pure awareness alone.

Prathama Nada facilitates group meditation sittings in Vipassana as instructed by the Goenka Centers. There is a prerequisite, therefore, to have attended a 10-day Vipassana course at a Goenka center, one nearest to Seattle being in Onalaska, WA. Group sittings not only support sustained practice for personal well-being and access to creative power, but also generate immense collective energy of metta and goodwill for universal well-being. Meditation also brings great benefit to Dhrupad Music practice; it is the anahat (vibrational) complement to the aahat (musical) aspect of Dhrupad!

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